Class Series - FireLily

Class Series

Techy Combos

Let's nerd it out with fun technical combinations in our fan dancing - drill it out, dance it out, and learn new pathways for creative tech patterns!

Flow Combos

Let go and flow - you don't need to know advanced patterns to move with confidence! Learn how to tap into that inner strength we all have within.


Let's dance with our fans, working transitions in this 4 part class series! Not only are we going to DANCE, but we will breakdown the mindset on how to transition between moves - to help you find your flow!

Weaves + Fountains

"The behind the back weave is starting to click in place for me, so exciting! I found your drawings in class super helpful!" - Lindsay

Weaves Vol.2

Whether you're coming from the Weaves Series or just want to jump straight into some new patterns - join this class series on Weaves, Volume 2! Yeeaaaah!

Body Tracing Series

Get sensual and enjoy all the body tracing goodness, with 5 classes of fan dancing in this class series! Flow with Jessy and our FireLily family.

Fire Fan Folding Series

"Learning so many new moves, combo and footwork, I feel full inspired with my fans again! I did the entire course twice, to let the moves sink into my brain" - Jaelith
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