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Purchase Guide

How does it work?
There are three kinds of classes available in the FireLily Dance studio – in depth Courses, Class Series and Workshops. Courses are all levels, with detailed breakdowns over many classes (e.g. the Fire Fan Course has 16 episodes!). Class series and Workshops take place live over Zoom, and afterwards the recording is available in the online studio. Class Series are made up of 5 or so classes, while workshops are a one off class with a single focus.

Feel free to check out our FAQs for more info!

There are three main ways to enjoy the content on this website:


This type of course is open to everyone and does not require you creating a user account.


This type of course is available at no charge, but requires a user account to be enrolled in the course. This is so you can track your progress, obtain a completion certificate and manage your personal information.


This type of course requires payment to be enrolled in the course. Payment is processed securely by Stripe and will begin the account creation process for you automatically. All you need to do is create a password to log back in at anytime.

For information on the personal information we hold and for terms of service please view the links below:

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