Online learning to find your flow.

Flow arts and dance are an excellent way to keep fit while having fun, improving our endurance, posture and general physical wellbeing.

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Fitness AND Fun. Anytime, Anywhere.

Have fun while keeping fit, no matter your location! In prop manipulation, we often work the muscles in our upper body (especially our arms and shoulders). Combined with the muscles used when training dance, your body can get quite the workout!


Keep your body active and mind engaged

It is common to hear flow artists speak of how their practice has benefited their mental health. This may be because flow arts and dance are activities that generate ‘flow states, sometimes referred to as being ‘in the zone’. Flow states can enhance the quality of life, making it more rich, intense and meaningful.


You have your own unique flow. Time to find it.

Self-expression through movement can be incredibly empowering. Whether it’s a cathartic release of strong emotions, without a care for what this looks like, or the simple beauty of achieving a certain aesthetic – art can greatly enrich the life of anyone who takes the time to pursue it.

Let's get you started!​

FireLily Dance gives you the technique and stylisation tools to find your own flow, and express YOU. Whether you’ve taken martial arts classes since you were a kid, or you’ve never taken a single dance class in your life, FireLily Dance believes the fusion of flow arts and dance creates rewarding opportunities for self-expression – and it’s never too late to start!


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What Our Students Have to Say

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"Really enjoy Jessy Spin's classes! I'm not new to fans, but I have learned heaps, including how to dance and move around with my fans: not just "Do moves". I love the dance fan flow!!! We do easier and harder moves, so I have been enjoying the more challenging moves. She explains well. She has a lovely pleasant manner, definitely recommend!"
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"Really good structure to classes, you learn tricky things but also easier things in the same class so you can challenge yourself but also get to flow and boogie. Lovely person and fantastic teacher! 10/10"
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“I have been taking online classes with Jessy for a few months now and look forward to it every week. It's a great mix of easy (but still beautiful) and challenging moves, and we always layer dance movements that really level up how everything looks and feels. I was almost a complete beginner when I started, and while I'm still no expert, I can now confidently express myself and dance with my fans. Love it, can highly recommend!”
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"Jessy is an amazing teacher!! Her classes are so well structured and all the moves are explained well! So inspiring and just fun! Love them!!"
Dee Dee
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"Living on the other side of the world from her, I Love Jessy’s online classes! She breaks down the techniques very well, offers variations for different levels, and she’ll have us flow to several songs which really makes you feel like you can dance with fans."
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"Her classes are great. You learn new techniques and many variations. I live in the US and was thrilled that she started online classes. She explains everything very well and breaks it down for you. I love her classes."
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"Jessy is an amazing fan spinner, performer and teacher! I have been inspired by her for years now and I am so glad she is offering online classes. I love learning Jessy's style of Fan Tech and have already gotten so much out of the online classes. Serious next level Fan Tech achievements unlocked and I'm very grateful!"
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"I just finished the first of the online classes Jessy is offering right now, and I love it, I learned so much more to work with already. Her tutorials on YouTube were what I'd started teaching myself fans on, and the opportunity to have a more in-depth class with her is fantastic! I'm in the US, and followed along with a recording due to the time difference. she's very sweet, the class was fun, and I only wish it wasn't at 5 am my time so I could flow with everyone live!"
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