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S Staff Buugeng Course

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In this course, we will learn about terminology, grips, and sooo many awesome patterns! Extension rotations, isolations in vertical and diamond mode, tracer sequences, many finger spinning patterns, so many weave combinations… and more!

Each movement and concept we learn will be put into practice with our follow-along flows, as well as into a fixed combo. So not only will we break down techniques, we will learn how to connect these. Plus, all moves will include breakdowns on body movement and foot patterns. Each combo will be revisited throughout the course. In our final Module, we will piece all 8 combos we’ve learnt together into one epic sequence!

By the end of this course, I guarantee you will be more confident, more technical, more flowy, and actually feel like you can dance with these incredible props – or your money back ♥

Did you know the name ‘buugeng’ was coined by renowned Japanese flow artist Dai Zaobab? ‘Buu’ meaning martial arts and ‘geng’ meaning illusion in Japanese. And illusion is right! We can create the most incredible patterns with our S staffs / buugeng, due to their characteristic double curve (forming an S shape).

I am super excited to deep dive into S staff / buugeng technique, theory and flow with you!


Module 1: Introduction
1. Welcome (01:58)
2. Warm up (10:48)
3. Cool down (12:07)
4. How to hold & terminology (07:26)
5. Shapes & extension rotations (30:41)

Module 2: Shapes, Isolations, Tracing
6. Hot tip (02:32)
7. Nine square / circle theory (02:24)
8. Figure 8 vertical isolation (36:42)
9. Figure 8 diamond isolation (30:42)
10. Butterfly (32:52)
11. S-relation tracer (57:09)

Module 3: Finger Spinning Intro, Eye Folds, Turns

12. Finger spinning (31:10)
13. Eye folds (18:38)
14. Turns & shape making (39:32)

Module 4: Finger Spinning
15. Thread the needle (10:23)
16. Finger spinning isolations (13:50)
17. Finger spinning combo & flow (21:40)

Module 5: Illusion
18. Illusion magic (14:06)
19. Illusion magic flow (20:06)

Module 6: Two Beat Weave
20. Two beat weave (09:58)
21. Two beat weave + extension (25:16)
22. Two beat weave combo & flow (33:51)

Module 7: One Beat Weave
23. One beat weave & hip reel patterns (21:44)
24. One beat: stacked, cross arm circle isolation, extension (28:30)
25. One beat weave: combo & flow (09:12)

Module 8: Final Flow & Combo
26. Final flow: part 1 (30:25)
27. Final flow: part 2 (40:34)
28. Final flow: part 3 (28:33)
29. Epic final combo: let’s dance (11:29)
30. You did it!!! Congratulations!! (00:49)

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