Course - FireLily


S Staff (Buugeng) Course

S staffs / buugeng create beautiful patterns and illusions. In this course, we will deep dive into their magic - get ready to learn technique, theory, combos and flow!

Fire Fan Course

"I took the fire fans course and I just want to say THANK YOU, I have learned a lot. I am not a beginner and all the courses are really complete and for different levels. There is about belly dance and how dancing and moving with fans which is very important for me and a challenging part as well!" - Marie-Marie Rozita

Total Beginner Fire Fan Course

If you’ve never picked up fans before, never taken a dance class, or maybe you just want a really solid foundation for your fan work – then this Total Beginners Course is for YOU!

Silk Fan Course

"I really enjoy you mixed the fan moves with belly dance, and love love love following those flow time by the end of the class too. Thank you for virtually guiding me into silk fans world! " - Andrea
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