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Total Beginner Fire Fan Course


If you’ve never picked up fans before, never taken a dance class, or maybe you just want a really solid foundation for your fan work – then this Total Beginners Course is for YOU!

This course is perfect for total beginners, or anyone who wants a solid foundation to their fan work. You will learn about fan grips, how to hold your fans, basic fan technical theory, and foot patterns – plus Jessy’s favourite total beginner moves! We will work these into combos which we will practice together, and connect these combos into one BIG sequence by the end of the course. You will also learn how to stylise your fan techniques with body movement, so you can groove with your fans right from the beginning!

This course will get you dancing with your fans and provide you with a super solid foundation for your fan work, including moving onto the all levels Fire Fan Dance Course.

Course curriculum:

  1. Welcome to FireLily Family 01:13
  2. Fan Grips Demystified 09:06
  3. How to hold your fans 02:05
  4. Warm Up 10:20
  5. Cool Down 07:49
  6. Basic Fan Technical Theory 04:03
  7. Extension 15:14
  8. Folding 16:34
  9. Inspin 10:59
  10. Inspin combo 22:41
  11. Wick Isolations 32:10
  12. Sylisation 32:10
  13. Congratulations!!! 01:30
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