Fire Fan Folding Series - FireLily

Fire Fan Folding Series


“Learning so many new moves, combo and footwork, I feel full inspired with my fans again! I did the entire course twice, to let the moves sink into my brain” – Jaelith

Class series with a focus on badass folding patterns! Open level, with beginner and intermediate options. Classes include a warm up, cool down, drills and flows to help you learn how to connect movements.

Total beginners may want to first take the Fire Fan Dance Course to establish a foundation, but are totally welcome to join as a fun challenge!

♥ Fans (Don’t have any? Make your own with our free DIY fan tutorial!)
♥ Water bottle
♥ Room to move in your space
♥ Clothes you can move in
♥ Internet connection and device for Zoom
♥ Speaker (optional)

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