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Dance with FIRE, take our free fire fan class!

Don’t have fans to practice with? Watch the free DIY tutorial to make your own for cheap and easy! YOU CAN do the thing.

Hi, I'm Jessy Spin! Professional fire dancer, and I'm super excited to share my love of fans with you!

Welcome to our #FireLilyFamily

FireLily Dance is an online studio where you can learn fire dancing, belly dance and more – anywhere at anytime! Step by step detailed breakdowns to help you find your flow, no matter your level.

No fans? No problem! Our free DIY fan tutorial has you covered!

Online learning to find your flow

100% Online

The online fire dance studio that fits into your schedule. Take your dance class anytime, anywhere!

Life time access

Once you sign up for any class, you get access for LIFE! So you can learn at your own pace. YES!

Move with confidence

Learn step by step with Jessy, with detailed breakdowns given for total beginners to advanced!

Fitness & Fun

Get fit and have fun, from your living room! Practice alongside our global community #FireLilyFamily

Learn at your own pace and join our FireLily Family

FireLily Dance believes in cultivating a global community of artists and strives to help students connect more deeply with their minds and bodies.

Check out our global community rockin’ this free fan dance routine!

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Featured Premium Courses

If you’ve never picked up fans before, never taken a dance class, or maybe you just want a really solid foundation for your fan work – then this Total Beginners Course is for YOU!

A super solid foundation for your fan work, all the basics you need over 25+ classes! Save 15% 😀

Step by step breakdowns from beginner to advanced movements, including fan techniques, belly dance, theory and more!

Students Reviews


Beautifully comprehensive tutorials and videos - feels like you’re in the room with Jessy! Could not recommend this enough to anyone who wants to learn fans!


I love being a firelily!! Taking fan classes has really expanded my flow after only a few class series. I love watching and being able to finally say "hey I know how to do that now!"


I took the fire fans course and I just want to say THANK YOU. Don't hesitate, these classes will make you grow in your flow!

You CAN dance with fire!

Connect more deeply with your body and mind, step by step breakdowns to teach you how to move with confidence.

Get started with Beginner Bundle today - save 15%!

All fire fan basics you need to know, in over 25+ classes! Check it out today.

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