FireLily Fan Dance Challenge 2021 - FireLily

FireLily Fan Dance Challenge 2021


Learn this free choreography as part of the FireLily Fan Dance Challenge 2021! All levels, with beginner and advanced options given. A gift from Jessy to you!

In this class you will learn a choreography as part of the FireLily Dance Fan Challenge 2021, where you can win some EPIC prizes!! Jessy will breakdown each section step by step, but remember – you can go over any section as many times as you want, and take breaks as you feel.

Don’t have fans? No problem – you can make your own for cheap and easy with our free DIY practice fan tutorial! This choreography can also be done with silk fans. Heck yes!

This class includes a warm up to prepare our bodies for movement, as well as a cool down, to help release muscle tension and relax after our movement practice.

Beginner and advanced options are given throughout the choreography, so choose your own level!

The lesson with the choreography, as well as details on how to enter, will be released on the first day of the challenge:
28th September 07:00AM Australian Eastern Standard Time.


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