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Unlock Reels & Weaves


Stuck on getting your reels and weaves?! Join this workshop for Jessy’s detailed breakdowns on how to UNLOCK this skill!

That was super fun. It exceeded my expectations! I have never been a techy spinner, especially with fans. I guess I was just really intimidated by it. I am so glad I found Jessy though because her workshop made complicated concepts accessible to me and I was able to pick the skills up quickly and with relative ease! I am looking forward to taking more classes with FireLily Dance! Thank you! – Colleen

Although reels and weaves are frequently taught as a beginner move, they are actually quite tricky to nail down. But once you do, this skill opens up a whole lotta cool patterns. So let’s get on the road to finally figuring out our 2 beat weaves, our hip reels in both directions, our behind the back weave, and fully understand the technical theory behind these moves!

This workshop compliments the Weaves + Fountains Fan Series, taking time to fully breakdown some of the foundation movements included in the series. I recommend doing this workshop before the Weaves + Fountains Series, or alongside it. 🙂

Open level, perfect for beginners or any fan spinner looking for a deeper technical understanding of these patterns.

♥ Access to a wall (if you are using fire fans, be sure you have covers so that we can keep your area clean!)
♥ Stick at least 1m long (e.g. broom) OR, if you don’t have, length of material will do
♥ Fans
♥ Water bottle
♥ Room to move in your space
♥ Clothes you can move in
♥ Speaker (optional)

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