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Frequently asked questions


Hi there! Welcome to FireLily Dance, and thank you for being a part of the #FireLilyFamily!
If you want to get in touch directly, feel free to send an email to at any time 🙂

How does it work?
There are three kinds of classes available in the FireLily Dance studio – in depth Courses, Class Series and Workshops. Courses are fully pre-recorded, with in depth, detailed breakdowns over many classes (e.g. the Fire Fan Course has 16 episodes!). Class Series take place live over Zoom, and afterwards the recording is available in the online studio. Class Series are made up of 5 or so classes. Workshops are sometimes filmed live and sometimes prerecorded, and are generally structured as one long session with a single focus.

When signing up for the first time, you will create your own personal FireLily Dance account. This is where your classes will live!

How do I access my classes?
You can access your classes via your account dashboard. To go to your dashboard, click your account icon in the right hand side of the top menu. All classes you have purchased will be listed here – ready for you to click through to start flowing!

How long do I get to access my class for after purchase?
Once you purchase any class, you get LIFETIME ACCESS!! So you can revisit the class content as many times as you need, when it suits you!

Are there any upcoming Zoom classes to join live? 
We do not currently have any live Zoom classes occuring. To stay tuned with announcements on any online classes, as well as any in person events, please sign up to our newsletter. Jessy loves to connect with you and will share updates via this newsletter!

I am a total beginner. Which course is best for me?
For total beginners, we recommend the Total Beginner Fire Fan Course followed by the all levels Fire Fan Dance course, available together as the beginner bundle. These classes include detailed breakdowns on things like grip, basic techniques and theory – we go through every beginner to advanced move step by step together. The class series (live or recorded) are also all levels, but they do move at a faster pace. So while the class series can still be a fun challenge for total beginners, the Total Beginner and Fire Fan Dance course will really take you through things step by step without presuming any knowledge.

All workshops will state the appropriate level in the description, but are generally all levels with beginner and advanced options.

If you’re still uncertain, feel free to send Jessy an email at

Where do I get my fans from???
We have a free tutorial on ‘How to make your own practice fans’ (RIP yoga mat… hehe). So you can DIY your own practice fans for cheap and easy! Jessy also has a guide with info her tried and tested fan product recommendations – you can check it out under Resources.

Remember that you can use the discount code ‘JESSYSPIN’ to save on props from 
Flow DNANeoflowart and The Bamboo Closet – yay!

Does it matter what grip I have?
You can use any fire fan or practice fan that has a ring in the gripsmall or large rings welcome! All tech in the FireLily Dance studio is transferable, and any differences in technique will be described during class.

When taking a fire fan dance class, some techniques will be transferable to silk fans and folding fire fans. However, there are many movements that will not directly translate for these props. If you only have silk fans or folding fans but want to join a fire fan dance class, you can always DIY your own practice fans with a ring for cheap!

Can I perform any of the choreographies I learn on FireLily Dance in public?

Totally! Jessy creates choreographies for you to enjoy and, if you wish, share! If possible, we ask that you give credit for her work – otherwise, dance away! We’d also love to see any pictures or video, so feel free tag @firelilydance on Instagram, or tag FireLily Dance on Facebook! #FireLilyFamily ♥

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