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Over the next few weeks, I'll be sharing some tips and tricks for learning choreography, filming video, costuming, and more! Today, we'll focus on learning choreo and drilling moves.
DRILLING: Use the wall
Using a wall as a guide is great technique for correcting planes (planes being the position of our props in relation to our body).

So if you are working on hip reels, waist wraps, or really any move - try doing so in front of a wall! Not only will it force you to keep the plane, but it can sometimes also help clarify the pathway of the pattern.

We go through this technique in more detail in the Unlock Reels & Weaves Workshop, which compliments the Weaves + Fountains Class Series :)
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CHUNKING: Learn choreo more effectively

'Chunking' is a learning technique where we take a long string of information and break this into smaller 'chunks'. These smaller chunks are easier to remember, and so we are able to process the information more effectively. Chunking is a a great technique for learning choreography, or even long combos!

If you've started learning the choreography for this year's fan challenge, you may have noticed we learnt the choreography in bite size pieces - 'chunking' our routine. You can take this even further in your practice, by drilling the routine in sections (e.g. first 16 counts, or from [move X] to [move Y]).

So, rather than trying to remember the entire routine start to finish, try chunking it into sections when you practice! Practice each section separately, and try practicing them out of order.

For me, this approach transforms an intimidating task into something that is possible! One chunk at a time :)
Watch the full routine
If you haven't already, feel free to check out the full routine for FireLily Fan Dance Challenge '21 on YouTube (advanced version - beginner options available!)! You can even make a note of the different sections for chunking ;) Also, I'm using the NeoFlowArt LED fans and Flow DNA fire fans that you can WIN!! Heck yes!
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Lastly, at the request of FireLily fam, a grace period of one week has been added to the challenge deadline! This means your videos must be in by October 24th 11:59PM Australian Eastern Daylight Time, and the winners will be announced October 26th 08:00AM Australian Eastern Daylight Time. Yay! :)
In my next email, get ready for tips on how to film dance videos, plus my 'dos and don'ts' on costuming coming soon also!!!

Big love FireLily Family - I'm loving seeing your challenge entries and progress videos - I try my best to share all of them! So be sure to tag me and #FireLilyDanceChallenge21 :)


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You can find FireLily Dance family by using #firelilyfamily or tag us @firelilydance - we love to see your pics + vids and to feature you on our pages!
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