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Today I'm going to share my top 3 general costuming tips, so you can better prepare for any performance - be it live or prerecorded. Some of these may sound simple, but they will save you grief in the long term - believe me, I know!
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1. Rehearse in your costume!!!

Be sure to do a full run through wearing your full costume, BEFORE the live performance or film day! This ensures:

It's secure! It's waaay better to have your strap break in rehearsal than during a live show or at your film location. This way, you can go home and sew that extra piece down, add a safety pin, reinforce a button... Phew!

Understand your costume. Some malfunctions are unpredictable. Maybe your beautiful skirt tassels get caught in your boot lace hooks (cough, my real life example!!! cough). Maybe your massive head piece means you can't actually do any of the around the head movements you choreographed!

Learn any adjustments you might need for your costume or your movements before the real deal.

2. Colour VS setting

Not only do you want to consider the colour pallette of your costume itself, but also think about costume colour in terms of your location. For example, imagine you are performing fire at night, on a stage with a black background and minimal lighting. Wearing a black costume may mean you disappear into your setting, with your body and movements becoming invisible. However, if you wear white or a bright colour, you will stand out!

Similarly, if you are filming a video performance in a forest location, wearing green colours may mean your costume (and therefore movements) will not stand out. Or wearing neutral colours on a sandy beach.

This is not a hard and fast rule - sometimes you may want your movements to blend with your background. Or maybe the lighting means you can still be seen. But it is an important factor to consider when planning your costume!
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3. Don't let perfection be the enemy of good

Now, this doozey can also apply to our movement practice as well as costuming. Sometimes we can get caught up in the details of getting our costume or movement JUST RIGHT. This can cause us to not start, because we fear whatever we create won't match our vision. Or we might get to the end and think 'if only I added... [XYZ]'.

So just remind yourself, we all learn from experience. My first costume creations were pretty basic, and I've had plenty of costuming malfunctions in my time! The first step is actually starting, and whatever you create - even if it's not perfect - will teach you new knowledge for the next project!

It's always better to create something 'good enough' now, than to spend forever trying to achieve 'perfect' :)

Want more detail? Check out the workshop!

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Hope you have enjoyed these tips :) As usual, feel free to respond to this email and let me know your thoughts!! If you're appreciating, I will continue to share :)

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